Home Security for Women Living Alone

For women who live alone, specific home security challenges exist. On one hand, if a burglar has staked out a home occupied by a single woman, the criminal might decide it is worth a chance breaking in, even though most forced entries take place in vacant homes. On the other hand, the belief that a woman may possess greater amounts of valuables – necklaces, rings and furs – could highlight women as potential targets. How do you face challenges and find solutions as a woman living alone? Here are some ideas.

Install and Test a Reliable Home Alarm System

The beginning of a sound home security plan comes in the alarm system. Opt for brand names like GE (find systems from FrontPoint) that do not rely on proprietary monitoring services. That way, you can get the benefits of top-shelf technology without worrying about special monitoring from unexceptional companies. Plus, if you ever decide it is time to move to a new home, you can take the alarm with you and start over with a monitoring plan. Tip: To tell thieves it’s best not to try forcing entry, post a sign on the lawn and stickers detailing your security coverage.

Fortify Entry Points

If thieves are emboldened by the idea they can enter a home quickly, conduct a robbery/assault and leave, they’ll look at windows and doors for their vulnerable points. Make sure your windows are smash-proof, while making locks and door hinges impenetrable. Experts in nuts-and-bolts security of this fashion can show you how to make it impossible for a brazen thief to smash a window or barge through a door.

See Security through to the Perimeter

When a thief notices superior security measures in doors and windows, he or she may try alternate methods of entry, including the garage (if connected) or entrances to the basement. Consider installing elements of perimeter security, such as driveway and garage door sensors, to help avoid problems on these fronts. Also, look into basic forms of security like fences around your property’s area.

Use a Panic Button and Have Control at all Times

There are situations in which you cannot anticipate knowing an intruder is out to target your personal property of safety. In these cases, the use of a panic button in your home alarm system will be crucial. Be ready to alert authorities you need help with the single key stroke. To avoid crises of this nature, check identification of everyone entering your home in the guise of a utility employee or other service technician. Also, have items like pepper spray at your disposal.


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