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Yep, the rumors are true; there is no more Brink’s home security. Back in 2008 Brink’s home security was bought out and taken over by a company named Broadview Security, and then shortly after that melded into ADT. So in essence, both ADT and Brink’s home security are now the same company, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. Brink’s home security developed a really good reputation for their efficiency, their services, and the support that they offered to their customers, and it’s too bad that ADT hasn’t been able to meet the same standards of customer service which Brink’s boasted. ADT has consistently received negative customer feedback on various reputable review websites like Yelp and the BBB. And now the question is, who do we turn to for our security needs?

Well, according to The New York Times, “the biggest up and coming player in the home security industry” is FrontPoint Security. Have you heard of them before? You may or may not have, since they’re a relatively new company, but since their inception in 2007, they have literally taken the industry by storm. Here are some of the areas where FrontPoint Security has really shined:


1- Customer Service:

FrontPoint’s customer service, dubbed as their WOW Service, has received critical acclaim and recognition. In 2011, they were awarded the prestigious Angie’s List Super Service Award in honor of their exceptional customer service.


2- 30 Day Risk Free Trial:

Lots of people have complained about the inability to deactivate ADT’s monitoring service. Once you’re in, you’re in, even if you move houses and don’t need the system anymore – you’re credit card will be billed every month till your 3 year agreement period is over.

FrontPoint Security is different when it comes to issues like these. Maybe that’s because they’re a relatively new company and trying to make a name for themselves. With FrontPoint, customers get a 30 day risk-free trial, where they can test the system out and see if they like it or not. If they don’t, they can return the system and get a FULL REFUND, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. FrontPoint even pays for the return shipping.


Wireless Control Panel – The Brains of the System

With most electronic systems, there is a main control panel or interface. The FrontPoint home security system is no exception and offers you complete control over your system even when you are not at home.

And because the system is totally wireless you can enjoy the benefits of true cellular security – that means your system can be up and running within moments of installing your sensors.  Alerts are sent over a 100% secure cellular link which is almost impossible for intruders to intercept or interfere with.

Want more benefits?

  • No landline connection is required
  • Freedom to install your wireless control panel where you need it
  • Totally wireless so no drilling unsightly holes through the wall
  • Can be installed in less than 5 minutes!

Remember, wired systems can be cut.  Wireless systems cannot be tampered with and offer outstanding security outside and inside your property.  FrontPoint’s completely wireless control panel gives you more freedom and total peace of mind that your home is secure.


Infrared Motion Sensor – Detects the Slightest Movement

Did you know that when we move we emit ‘infrared energy’?  FrontPoint’s motion sensors can detect the slightest amount of energy in a room and will send an alert immediately to the FrontPoint control panel.

The Motion Sensor That Detects Movement Through Walls! - It might seem like something out of a science fiction movie, but these sensors really can detect movement on the other side of the wall.  Now there really is nowhere for intruders to hide.

Covers Larger Areas Than Any Other Sensor – Because these sensors cover such a large area you can avoid having one in every room or corner of your home.  Retain the style of your home without compromising on security.

Handles Those Non-Emergency Situations Too! – Keep people away from the ‘out of bounds’ areas during parties.  This is especially handy when you have children or animals in the home and want to keep some areas private or tidy.  Whenever security in one of these areas is compromised you’ll receive an alert on your phone.


Concealed Door and Window Sensors

FrontPoint’s door and window sensors are small and unobtrusive.  They fit to doors, windows, drawers and cabinets and send an alert on opening of these fixtures and fittings.  And because these sensors are so tiny you can fit them quickly and without spoiling the décor of your home.

Simply install these sensors in the areas of your home you want to keep secure and when the sensor is tripped it will send an electronic alert to the control panel alerting you and the authorities immediately.

FrontPoint really has pulled out all the stops with their security system, but their innovative approach to home security doesn’t stop there. Read on to find out more…


Cellular Wireless Video Monitoring – Be at Home Without Being There

The majority of intruders will not target your home whilst you are there.  Instead they will ‘case the joint’ and either wait for you to leave or determine the times you are out of your property by watching your home for a few days.  The more time they have to break in and steal your possessions the better.

By using FrontPoint’s wireless cameras, you can keep an eye on your property and have the video stream sent straight to your laptop or smart phone.

Combine this with FrontPoint’s motion detectors and you have a robust and reliable security system that will let you know the moment somebody breaks into your home or something out of the ordinary occurs.


Crash-And-Smash Protection


FrontPoint really have thought of everything when they designed their home security system.  The first point that intruders usually head for is the control panel.  They know that this is the brains of your system and that by disabling this they disable the rest of the system.

Of course, intruders need to get to the control panel in the first place and thanks to the sensitivity of the intruder-proof sensors they aren’t going to get within 2 feet of it without triggering a part of your system. And if they know you’re using a FrontPoint cellular link system they will also know they need to run fast!


Total Control Over Your Lights


Burglars love the dark.  They can hide, sneak into your property and carry out your possessions in the dark.  Burglars hate the light.  With FrontPoint’s system you can trigger your external lights to give any intruders a really big scare.  If you get an alert to say that your alarm has been activated you can quickly activate your lights to make it appear that you are actually in the house.

You can also use FrontPoint’s light control to switch on your lights before you get home.  Nobody likes to walk up a dark path even on their own property. Now you can turn on your lights so that you have a guiding light when getting home late at night.


Environmental Security


One of the great things about FrontPoint’s home security system is that it also offers protection against environmental risks.  Not many systems offer this and I can tell you now that this is one of the excellent extra benefits you can expect when you choose FrontPoint.

The system protects you against the following environmental hazards:

Carbon Monoxide – Did you know that nearly 500 people in the USA today due from unintentional non-fire related carbon monoxide poisoning every year?  There is no need to put your family at risk to this silent and deadly killer when you could install FrontPoint’s home alarm system to alert you when carbon monoxide is detected.

Extreme Temperatures – Whether the temperature outside drops lower than freezing or high enough to be a fire risk, FrontPoint’s temperature sensor will send you an alert.  Pipes can freeze at low temperatures and can cause extensive damage to your property if they burst.  This could result in thousands of dollars in repairs. Hot temperatures outside can raise the risk of brush fires, black outs and other devastating events.  But with FrontPoint in your property you can be as prepared as possible to deal with these scenarios.

Risk of Flooding – A burst water pipe can cause a huge amount of damage to your home.  Many people have walked into their property to find that a pipe has burst and that it could have burst hours ago.  Imagine the damage such a problem could cause to your home.  Carpets will be saturated, electronic equipment destroyed and your furnishings damaged beyond repair.  Avoid the headache and expense this could cause by installing FrontPoint’s alarm system today.


Life Safety

Medical emergencies happen all too often when people are at home alone.  FrontPoint offers life safety monitoring that offers round the clock service.  An alert will be triggered immediately should anybody’s health be threatened.


The Number One Cellular Solution


If you have a wired home alarm system, you might want to think about changing it now.  Burglars can disable your system in seconds and all it takes is a pair of wire cutters.  These can be purchased in any hardware store and can be found in any burglar’s inside pocket.

Wireless systems on the other hand are not so easy to disarm.  With FrontPoint’s 100% cellular home alarm system you can enjoy always on and always ready monitoring.


Professional Monitoring Around The Clock


One thing that becomes apparent when you purchase a FrontPoint system is that you are safe every moment of every day. FrontPoint’s monitoring center is one of the most popular and highest rated facilities in the USA and you can expect lightning fast reactions and outstanding support.

Whether you are experiencing a technical problem or you are contacting them about an emergency situation you can count on FrontPoint to ensure your complete safety and security at all tiles.


Free Smoke & Heat Sensor Worth an Impressive $64.99


Normal smoke detectors are only capable of raising the alert when you are at home. FrontPoint alerts you no matter where you are and will also send an alert to the fire authorities if you do not give the all clear in a set period of time.

Fire can be more devastating than burglary. The damage that fire can cause to your home and your possessions is immeasurable.  Every second counts when fire starts. Make sure your home alarm system is up to the job.

Choose a FrontPoint system today by calling them at 866 363 2035 or getting a quote from the sidebar on the right and you’ll also receive a FREE smoke and heat detector worth $64.99 with coupon code FireSafety12. Save $64.99 and get additional peace of mind that you, your family and your property are safer than ever before.

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