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After spending days researching and comparing dozens of companies who specialize in home alarms, we have chosen Frontpoint as the best choice for 2012. Frontpoint offers customers a system that is 100% cellular and comes with a simple, do-it-yourself installation that takes under 30 minutes to completely install. On the other hand, if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself and wish to have it professionally installed, that’s okay because Frontpoint does that as well. Each of their home security systems is great for both renters and homeowners as they are 100% wireless.

This security company has been awarded multiple times for their exceptional customer service and do not have negative reviews anywhere on the internet. Furthermore, Frontpoint offers plans for monitoring that are tremendously competitive in addition to their 30-day money back guarantee in the case you are not completely satisfied. In this industry there really is no other company with a similar offer.


You will find that you gain two huge advantages when you choose to use Frontpoint and these two advantages are clear pricing and great customer service. In fact, when we spoke with a Frontpoint representative the conversation was based around our needs for having a secure home rather than some pre-packaged deal. This company really comprehends the fact that each home is unique and all customers have different wants and needs.


Quite possibly one of the best things about this security company is that they do not treat you as pushy car salespeople do, instead, they offer pricing that is both easy and clear-cut. Their pricing list for all services can be found on their website. The company charges no fees that are hidden and also offers you a money back guarantee of 30-days. Their policy is as simple as – if you’re not 100% completely satisfied with their system, you can return it with no questions asked. In addition to not charging customers’ hidden fees, there are also no restocking fees for orders that are returned; this is precisely how every money back guarantee should work. You will find that Frontpoint is competitively priced when you consider the end cost of total ownership. Just be careful before making a decision on a security company because some have been known to offer you equipment that is free of charge, but charge expensive monthly fees. On the other hand, the other deals will be slightly higher in terms of upfront cost; however, it will be accompanied by a very low monthly fee. In terms of pricing, Frontpoint uses the best of both worlds to offer clear pricing. If you would like to learn more about the company or request a free, instant quote, you can call them at (866) 363-2035.


  • Completely 100% Cellular – Frontpoint uses a cellular link that is both secured and built-in that connects your alarm system with our monitoring station. They do not cut corners by utilizing internet connections that are unreliable or phone-lines that are vulnerable.
  • Wireless Equipment – They use only wireless equipment that is easy to setup and small. Not only does this save you from holes in your walls and wire messes, but hefty installation costs as well. Additionally, Frontpoint charges no setup fees.
  • Free Apps for Blackberry, iPhone, and Android – Free apps allow you to easily and quickly disarm or arm your system right from your phone. You can even let someone enter your home while you are away, get alerts by text, and monitor the inside and outside of your home through live video.
  • Free Monitoring of your Environment – Frontpoint also offers free smoke, flood, fire, freeze, and carbon monoxide monitoring. In terms of this service, other companies will charge you hundreds of dollars or more; however with FronPoint, it’s free.
  • Free Shipping – Frontpoint will ship your system that is ready for setup free of charge. Once you receive your order, the sensors are peel-and-stick which are easy enough to install on your own.
  • Risk-Free Trial Period of 30-days – You will enjoy your 30-day trial that is risk-free and allows you to cancel at any time, for any reason and receive a full refund. They even cover the cost of shipping to return the system.
  • Customer-First Approach – Although all companies claim to put their customers before anything else, when you read online reviews you find that this is not always true. But Frontpoint really is a no-fuss company and we’ve found them to really stand up to what they claim.
  • The Safest Security – Several other security companies are beginning to realize that systems based on phone lines or internet are extremely vulnerable. For this reason, many will charge an additional “upgrade” fee for cellular back-up. The question is that if their systems are so reliable, why do they require so many backups? With Frontpoint, you can be sure that your security is right the very first time, as they use a cellular connection which is both more reliable and safer.

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2. LiveWatch Security = 7/10

SafeMart’s LiveWatch Security offers many of the features we like in a home security company. They have GE alarms that you install yourself (similar to our top-rated company Frontpoint) and have contracts that don’t go on forever. While the upfront costs may give you pause when researching the different companies, you can do worse than SafeMart. We give their service a rating of 7 out of 10.


The biggest advantage is in the hands-off approach and reliable alarm systems. You can’t do much better than a GE home alarm, which Frontpoint also recognized when setting up their security system packages (click here for more info). You can get remote monitoring or cell monitoring from SafeMart, so decide if the costs are not prohibitive. That seems to be the main reason people hesitate on their systems.

Balancing Service and Technology

The best security companies have a solid balance between service and technology. SafeMart understands how alarm technology is essential to quality service. You can’t fault anyone supplying GE alarms. You will need to know how to set up an alarm if you choose this service. They are definitely new-school when it comes to the DIY factor and setup. SafeMart’s considerable upfront costs may sway you toward more affordable options.


  • GE alarms – Wireless technology at this level is hard to dispute.
  • DIY setup – You do the installing, so make sure you know the basics of alarm system setup.
  • No trial period – When you get SafeMart, you’re in. There is no trial period like Frontpoint is offering.
  • Remote and cell monitoring – You have choices when deciding how you’ll monitor you alarm system.
  • Higher upfront costs – You need some cash on hand to open an account with SafeMart security.


3.  ADT = 6/10

ADT is the largest home security company in the world. In recent years, it acquired two companies – Brink’s and Broadview – and added them to their corporate structure. In theory, pooling the strengths of these three companies sounds good. However, the reality is ADT hasn’t been able to keep up with the responsibilities of a conglomerate. Customers who have trouble with setting up an alarm can look to ADT, as they have technicians service their security systems. Overall, we rate ADT 6 out of 10.


The biggest advantage is choosing ADT is in their dealerships – if you’re lucky. You can get a technician to come and adjust the settings on the alarm. Complaints about poor service are so rampant that it is hard to distinguish ADT from its dealerships. Because the company is so big, you’ll always be able to get someone on the phone, but you might not get what you need.

Getting Started

There aren’t any trials of ADT available, so you have to buy a proprietary ADT alarm and sign up for monitoring to get started. Be sure that your service is on, as many reviews point out that customers can get charged without actually having their homes protected.


  • Wired and wireless systems – ADT does old-fashioned wired alarms as well as more modern wireless security systems.
  • Landline and cell monitoring – They are not completely cellular, but there are options for backup cell monitoring.
  • Alarm and monitoring must go together – Proprietary ADT technology means you have to use their alarms and their monitoring service together. If you want to change companies later, you’ll need to get a new alarm.
  • Complicated bills – There are a of lot extras when paying an ADT bill. Keep an eye on the fine print.


4.  Protect America = 5/10

ProtectAmericahas made some fans of their security service over the years. Customers who can’t afford an alarm out of pocket will find ProtectAmericasystems as attractive since they offer a free alarm when joining the program. Monitoring fees and other extras are higher as a result (the savings are not extended). It’s a DIY service – you set up the alarm.


The biggest advantage of ProtectAmericais the free alarm system. While the savings might not add up over time, you can get started with your system even though you haven’t saved for the upfront cost. DIY homeowners will like the fact that there are no technicians. Instead of waiting for service, you handle the task yourself.

Pricing and Service

Monitoring from Protect America will cost you considerably. You should expect to pay more if you want to upgrade to cellular service. Getting out of a contract could be tricky as well. Read all the fine print so you are not stuck in a contract you are not happy with.

If anything goes wrong with your alarm, you will have to wait for a new one to come in the mail. Home service is not offered by Protect America. People who aren’t good with electronics should beware.


    • DIY installation – You’ll get the alarm in the mail and put the system to work on your own. Once the job is finished, you can start monitoring service.
    • No trial run – It’s “do or die” with Protect America. There is no trial period for you to see if the system is to your liking.
    • Cellular monitoring costs extra.
    • Contracts are complicated – Read all fine print before signing.


5. Guardian Protection = 5/10

Guardian Protection services seem modeled on the better home security systems while keeping the old technician-base approach to installation. For anyone looking to save on DIY alarm service and maintenance, Guardian Protection won’t work. However, their service does prove to be an upgrade on ADT in that you get the power of GE technology when you use Guardian Protection. The cost and hassle of technicians in the home will be the main drawback with Guardian Protection.



Any company installing GE alarms can be taken seriously. The best thing Guardian Protection did when putting together security packages was make sure their alarm system had top-shelf technology. Why they chose to ignore the ability of most homeowners to install an alarm is up for debate. Obviously, you can save money by forgoing installation costs.

The Combination of New and Old School

The best way to sum up Guardian Protection is as a combination of new and old school philosophies. Getting GE alarms was a wise move, but the need for technicians seems to have passed in the eyes of most industry experts. Of course, if you do not like getting involved with installations and don’t mind paying the fees, these matters won’t bother you.


  • Technician installation and servicing – You are going to deal with house calls from technicians during every aspect of system maintenance.
  • GE alarms – The technology is excellent in these alarms.
  • Different monitoring options – You have your choice when it comes to cell and landline monitoring.
  • No trial run – You cannot test out this service before you buy it. You have to commit to Guardian Protection.

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